At New Jersey Concierges we Charge by the Hour
Not by the Task 
All invoices are sent by email via FreshBooks

And allow you for Credit Card or Bank payments


For one time tasks, we will invoice you as soon
as the task is completed.

We do not pay for clients purchases in advance.
You have the option to set up a ‘purchase funding’ option
if you wish us to pay.
That ‘purchase funding’ option will need to be replenished once funds reach a $20 threshold.

For clients who use our services on a regular basis, we will draft a contract outlining the rules of the road.

If you book our services
for a set number of hours per month,
we will invoice you once or twice a month
depending on the number of hours.

When assignments are canceled 2 hours or less
before the time service is scheduled,
we will charge a 1 hour cancellation fee.