For over a decade we at New Jersey Concierges have been helping New Jersey busy professionals with their personal tasks, allowing them to focus on their work.
We served as many as 40 individual clients in a calendar year.

We have organized and supervised home repairs & maintenance on our clients behalf, from main pipe replacement to water damage remedial and tree pruning, fresh coats of paint to yearly furnace service.

We make sure oil changes and car inspections are done on time. Bring vehicles in for recalls and manage tire replacements, alignments & rotations. We also help customers with Motor vehicle title transfers and registrations.

With car insurers we handle, start to finish, claims for vehicles in instances when they are declared total loss.

We also have taken in numerous vehicles for body shop work after getting detailed estimates from the shops.

We submit town permit applications from fences to home repairs and improvements to park permits.

We sit & wait for that internet or utility fix (upgrade), furniture delivery, appliance repair.

On a lighter note, we have purchased gifts from books to baby & toddler items, flowers, balloons and cakes, for special occasions

We stopped counting how many cracked phone screens our ‘to go’ tech shop changed, computers & tablets brought back to life.

We scheduled movers and dedicated cleaners numerous times.

We set up carpet and upholstery cleanings.

We moved events & seminar materials for corporate clients  

We assisted out-of-state customers with business that needed to be conducted in New Jersey.

Let us be your transatlantic bridge. During these pandemic times, we can be your dedicated courier to Europe when you need time-sensitive business items and tasks handled.