About us

You can rely on our deep service experience and European touch combined to deliver the right solution

Breaking Things Down: A Digest

We understand that each customer has different needs, at different times of the year.
We tailor our services to each client’s unique situation.


We keep track of oil changes, inspection dates, registration renewals. Let us handle insurance claims end to end.


From furnace service before winter to tree trimming and painting projects, we bring our partners to the table

movers & cleaners

We have worked for many years with movers and cleaning staff . We can vouch for the quality of their work.

utilities & Appliances

You might not want to wait for technician to show up to service your internet or repair your appliances. Let us handle it for you.

The secret of our success

Our first step is to sit with each new customer, one on one, to better assess their needs.


We schedule customers tasks after consulting on best times and days.


Our hands on experience with 40+ individuals over 10+ years gives us insight on what works best.


With years in the restaurant world, we know how to select cheeses & wines for your table.  


We charge for services by the hour not by the task. It is not about how fast but how well things get done.


A picture says it better. Here are samples of our work

Client Testimonials

In their very own words

I was planning to surprise my wife with sandwiches from the Millburn deli except they no longer ship. Since we live 1,000 miles away, this could have been a problem. However I found NJ Concierges. Serge took care of everything, from ordering to picking up, packing with ice packs and shipping overnight. The sandwiches arrived in perfect condition. My wife was thrilled.

Eric W. in Chicago

Sales Executive

Your work not only makes our lives easier, but allows us to be more present where we need to be.

Sarah R. in New York

Operations Executive

Thank you for your thoughtfulness and patience! You have been incredible during my time(s) of needs.

TC V. in Jersey City

Support Team Manager

For detailed tasks, email us! Short notice requests: A text message works best!